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A personal and professional development plan

Exodus Plan

A message from the creators of Exodus

“We wanted a way to empower mental health professionals to enjoy their chosen
careers. We wanted them to set their own schedules and have an easy interface
to input their progress. We wanted them to be able to transition by starting with
the job they have and investing into the life they want.”

Project Manager/Operations Liaison

"The current approach to many things in life, namely mental health; needs to be addressed. Exodus provisions the needs of each independent clinician. Simple Solutions and InnerPeace will continue to adapt our company to equally serve each individual affiliated with us"



Welcome to Your Exodus Plan!
We’re glad you’re here!

Most of us are tired of the 40
plus hour a week grind where we
not only see clients, but then
there is the mountain of paper-
work we need to do after the cli-
ent leaves.

Work loads are put upon us by
the companies we thought would
take better care of us, leaving us
NO choice but to continue to
buckle down and work even
more hours. This leads to stress,
fatigue and often burnout for
mental health professionals.

Studies show these factors contributing to burnout:
Challenges with job tasks given and responsibilities placed upon a professional.
Issues faced with professional relationships and strain on the working relationship. (*1)

The factors that assist with thriving include:
1. Being recognized for the good things you do.
2. The climate that is in your workplace. (*1)

Simple Solutions looked at all the things that
makes you shine professionally, providing
each individual a tailor made employment

Take a moment and imagine your perfect
We WANT you to create it!

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Exodus Planning

Exodus is: 
YOUR: Project
YOUR: Development Plan
YOUR: Future
YOUR: Clients
YOUR: Schedule
YOUR: Benefits
YOUR: Choices will reflect your outcome.

Want to set your own schedule? 

You work one on one with your clients availability, allowing you to create a schedule that works for you!

Fill out an application

You will be provided an orientation to introduce you to our system and how to keep records.

Set your availability. This allows us to see when we can send appointments your way. Then, we will start
sending you appointments.

Watch your calendar for appointments

and READ YOUR EMAILS DAILY! This will tell you when
you have a client that has an intake. You will be given your first intake appointment.

Write your notes and be sure to book the next session!

Once you have completed your first appointment, you can set an appointment with your client that is
mutually agreeable.
Build your client base until you are satisfied with your work schedule!

That’s it!